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I’ve been searching for this answer over my 40 years in Mexico tourism. And I’m still at it, exploring a “world of its own”, “endless journey” to where “the magic never leaves you” and “beyond your expectations” experiences happen across 32 states and four time zones.

These above terms were all official Mexico Tourism Board slogans for marketing the country dating back over the past 20 years. They all sought to address the dilemma: “how can we get US and Canadians to explore beyond the beach?”

And what is “authentic” when it comes to Mexico? That of course depends on who you ask. Growing up in So Cal, I can tell you my “connection” with Mexico was at best peripheral. In place of learning, I allowed Speedy Gonzalez, Road Runner, the Frido Bandido, and dusty westerns lower my expectations.

This of course changed. I fell hard for Mexico in the 1970’s and went on to earn a Masters degree from UCLA in Latin American Studies. I’ve spent the better part of 40 years doing one thing: teaching travel agents around the world about the realities of Mexico. Starting with the vacation product, I’m now vested in the Mexico for Living niche.

Over one million “estadounidenses” reside in Mexico. No one knows the real number. What’s certain is that 50+ US and Canadians are exploring overseas living like never before. And Mexico should be on your short list of places to consider.

Now, having migrate to live in Mexico full-time in 2015, I’m again addressing this authenticity question. Are there ways to see and feel “authentic” Mexico and avoid the all-inclusive resort mob scene? Of course, there are.

There’s no shortage of custom and off-the-shelf cultural touring opportunities. Unfortunately, the last place to find these authentic experiences is a Google search. Near every search yields online travel agency’s (mass market, all-inclusive) take-over of the entire digital search landscape.

Aside from search economics (that default to mass tourism vacations), sometimes I think it’s just the loss of imagination that keeps us from looking beyond the swim-up pool bar. If anything is true about the evolution of Mexican vacations, it’s how homogenized the whole experience has become. “Authenticity” is in short supply when you shop via search channels.

In fact, you can have world-class cultural and outdoor experiences in Mexico like no other nation in Latin America. Mexicans are friendly and accommodating hosts. And you don’t have to cross oceans to get cross-eyed by the plethora of things to see and do in Mexico.

To break from this inspiration-deprived mindset. I’d like to suggest getting the ball rolling with a vacation that looks like this. Here it is:

For a moment, drop from your vernacular words like “Mexico beaches”, “all-inclusive” or “Riviera Maya” and “Los Cabos”. Think for a minute what these innovative tour topics (mines, lakes, volcanos, and jungles) might feel like.

Well, Mexico is renowned for its Mining wealth, which for 300 years spilled over into creating art and architecture (across Mexico and around the globe) that changed the world. Lakes in Mexico are precious resources and support diverse communities combining ancient Indian and Spanish colonial lifestyles. Volcanoes have shaped and swallowed the Mexican landscape for millions of years; the results are stunning and unique. Jungles in Mexico are home to biodiversity, native cultures, archaeology, and pulse-pushing adventures.

With this I’d like to introduce you to “Tesoros Experiences”, a unique collection of the most authentic Mexico travel experiences. These truly authentic vacations are customized to include hotel-transfers-touring-dining encounters, and more. Stay tuned to learn more about expanding your Mexico horizons with Tesoros Experience.


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