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Settling into your new home in a new country can be stressful; fortunately, notes that there are some simple things you can do to help stay on task and avoid becoming overwhelmed. Although you may be tempted to get as much done as possible throughout the home, it’s best to start in one room and work your way out. Keep reading for some more great tips from Choosing Mexico on how to acclimate for a softer landing in Mexico

Clean as You Organize

Moving to a new place is a big moment in anyone’s life. The move itself can be exhausting, and once you have everything in your new house, you still must unpack, clean, and get everything in order. Cleaning and getting organized is essential, however, since you likely won’t feel comfortable until everything is put away.

It’s a good idea to clean your home as you go, and clean items as you unpack them. This will save time and give you peace of mind as you move from room to room. Have cleaning supplies — glass cleaner, rags, paper towels, trash bags, furniture polish, a duster, and a broom — handy so you’ll be prepared. If you have things that need to go into storage, make sure you do some research on the best ways to keep them safe from water and bugs like moths or silverfish.

You can also declutter as you unpack; set aside items that you know you won’t need anymore, things that could be sold at a garage sale or online, and things that you can give to a family member. Don’t be afraid to get rid of things you truly don’t need; purging this way can be beneficial for your mental health, promote positivity, and can even help you sleep better.

Lastly, if you’re simply too stressed out from the move, or you just want a little help keeping your home clean down the road, a cleaning service can be a great investment — and it’s a lot cheaper than you think.

Add Some Greenery

Adding some green to your space will not only make it feel more like a home, but it can also boost your mental health and help you feel happier. If you have a small space, consider looking for hanging plants that won’t take up much room. In Mexico, it’s so easy! If you have a busy lifestyle and aren’t home all that much, succulents are perfect since they don’t need much attention.

Fix It Up — and Stay Safe!

Even if your home isn’t that old, there may be small repairs or things you want to change, such as the cabinet hardware in the kitchen. Taking care of these jobs now will allow you to see more clearly how you want your home to look, which will come in handy when you’re ready to paint and decorate. Also, you can cross them off your to-do list, which will help reduce stress.

Speaking of another way to reduce stress — and make sure your family is safe — is to invest in a home security system that can monitor your house. These can be bought online in Mexico or a box stores like Home Depot or Costco. In addition to cameras, there are other devices you can choose from including motion detectors, floodlights, and video doorbells. When it comes to security lighting, mounting lights on poles is a good idea, as second- or top-tier positioning provides a larger coverage area. Whether you choose lighting on a tall pole that is aluminum or steel, put some thought into how you want the design to integrate with your home’s exterior by choosing decorative bases.


If you’ll be painting, try to get into the house early — before the move — to get it done so you won’t have to move furniture around later. Save the decorating for after you’ve brought your belongings in because having all the furniture in place will be key in figuring out where to hang pictures and other decor. Remember, as This Old House points out, the general rule is that artwork and photos should be hung at about eye-level, but depending on your height, you may need to adjust a bit.

Making your new place feel like home will take a bit of work, but once you’re done, you’ll be able to relax and make it your own. And don’t neglect factoring in security, such as outdoor lighting, to make you feel at ease. Ask friends or family to come and help you arrange things or have a painting party and provide drinks and snacks in exchange for their assistance. Remember to have fun!

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