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Mexico offers a wide array of comfort and happiness aimed at simplifying your life

Mexico for Tommorow

A global economic force, Mexico is the world’s 11th largest economy. Trade (Mexico is now the US’s largest trading partner), proximity to the US, family ties and a shared North American heritage forever entwine US and Mexico relations.

Online Community

Learn from fellow Americans who have preceded you in making Mexico their home. Join our online community for retirement planning and start expanding your moving to Mexico horizons today.

Village in the Sun

If you seek options and alternatives for retirement planning and a viable financial future, give us 15 minutes to evaluate whether moving to Mexico can become your adult-living solution.

Mexico Livability

There are some two million foreigners living full-time in Mexico, including over one million US citizens.

Quality of life is the main reason adult Americans are so fond of Mexico for full-time living. People moving to Mexico today are more active, staying longer, and venturing beyond coastal resort settings as part of their retirement planning.

Finding the place that suits your day-to-day and long-term needs is where our network of resources, online community, and our US-based Choosing Mexico Advisors can save you time and money in finding your very own village in the sun.

Mexico Diversity

Mexico is among the world’s five most bio-diverse nations. This translates to a diversity of places and settings found only here.

Sprawling deserts, islands, lush forests, sandy beaches, snow-tipped volcanoes, high plateaus and mountain-rimmed basins span Mexico’s four time zones.

Scientists estimate 15 percent of Mexico’s plant and animal species are found nowhere else on earth.

Maybe your retirement planning future is palm trees? Or pine trees? Mexico has 32 states to explore. Since we are a team of educators, teaching you about Mexico’s diversity and moving to Mexico is our passion.

Climate, Community, Costco!

12-month outdoor living is only the beginning. Connect with fellow expats from around the world by moving to Mexico. Volunteer. Donate your time. Start a business. Be a mentor.

Mexico is not only close to your US home, but also shares many common western values, social beliefs, customs and tastes that have united our two nations for decades.

Why cross oceans for retirement planning, when Mexico is a nearby neighbor? America’s largest trading partner, Mexico, hosts more American visitors (and full-time residents) than any other country.

And there’s Costco almost everywhere.