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This may be the BEST offer you’ll see today: explore overseas living in a FREE community of content and connections.

At Choosing Mexico LLC, we believe US-to-Mexico migration is a viable option for Americans and Canadians with a myriad of adult living needs. As we age and retire, ‘lifestyle migration’ (either within the US/Canada or overseas) has become a viable opportunity for millions. Technology, mobile lifestyles, longer lifespans, and connectivity have opened adult living options in a variety of settings.

The Choosing Mexico online community has over 1,200 members and hundreds of articles, posts, discussion threads, maps, COURSES, charts and more.

Choosing Mexico LLC is uniquely qualified to facilitate this discussion. For the past 50 years, the founders of Choosing Mexico have lived and breathed Mexico: as children, college students, vacationers, parents, business consultants, educators, full-time residents, and senior caregivers.

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Over 1.8 million expats (mostly US Citizens) are now residing full-time under the Mexican sun. We provide curated Mexico living information, resources and digital education about living across Mexico. Here, our unique online community includes subject matter experts, expat stories, and crowd-sourced answers about the realities of living in Mexico.

Explore topics like health care, senior living realities and destination reviews, along with breaking Mexico news, cultural insights, videos, events and online education!

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